Δεκέμβριος 31, 2008


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I bought a backpack yesterday. A much needed gift to myself; the previous one was on the verge of ripping apart.
The shop’s owner is probably a maniac smoker. I can tell from the horrible smell of my new bag. I left it out all night and yet this appaling smell of smoke-infused plastic still lingers, turning my stomach upside down.


Δεκέμβριος 30, 2008


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Just left the office. Stayed late because I have an appointment with a friend which made it impractical for me to go home first.
Everyone is wrapped up for good in coats and scarves. Zhe Greqs are not used to the cold. They are also not used to snowfall. Or rain. Or high heat. If you take out these weather conditions, you will see that this country has a whole 37 days per year where everything goes like clock-work… as a figure of speech.

I must admit I am confused these past days. On one hand, 4 straight days w/o work were more than enough to make me lose track of the days. I always complain that the daily work-work-work routine makes life seem like water streaming through my palms. Well, holidays are like alcohol: streaming AND evaporating.

On the other hand I still read some articles on the net about the latest events. Analysis over analysis. What does our want? Better future? A new society? More money? Do they just show contempt? Is the Left still relevant? Are we becoming a jungle society with more and more violent incidents? Is there any hope? Have we started «officially» oppressing migrant workers with Hoffa-like hits?
Well, if u ask me I can surely say that hope there is not. If the Yankees say «yes we can», all we can say is «no we can’t».

Then we have the new Gaza massacre. I really cannot understand the Israelis. They have the Palestines herded like cattle in a barren land. What do they expect? That the Palestines will just wait to die of hunger? They would make missiles from manure if they could. If the Gaza strip is a massive concentration camp (and the Jews know a thing or 2 in that area) why don’t they just exterminate all the Palestines and get over with it? If it is a normal country (or a country-to-be) why don’t the Israelis lift the f@cken blocade and leave the Palestines stand on their feet?
But then you have the Palestines waging a continuous civil war, killing each other… for what? Barren land? I have a friend from NE Europe who is a true racist towards Arabs, thinking they are no better than the goats they breed. Well, the Palestines are certainly a proof for that.

Finally, in the middle of all this, I am leaving for Austria on Fri. I must admit, if I had time I would seeeeriously reconsider this trip, though I am a sucker these euro-road-movie kind of holidays. You see, when I will fly on Fri, I will leave behind a bank account with zero (0) credit for the 1st time after the age of 4. Ok, yes, I have already put aside a sum for the next mortgage payments, I am not completely broke. Nevertheless it has a big psychlogical effect when you see the 0 at your bottom line.

Δεκέμβριος 24, 2008

Jingle bells

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1st year I have kids singing jingle bells at my home. My own house.
Water has surely gone under the bridge.
I listened to them half covered in shaving foam (bad timing!).

A group of children in the metro are counting today’s income from jingle bells. They are headed to Petralona where one of them has an aunt and will «give us 5e». One of them is counting how many chewing gums it can buy. They are speaking a new greek albanian dialect: greek in normal mode, albanian when they want to speak fast.
Children are entering the wagon in every station. Ha! When We were their age, entering the metro for jingles was out of the question and now I hear children barely 12 planning where in the center has «big shops to say jingles».
A couple of african immigrants are having a husband-wife argument, speaking in their incomprehensible version of english. A guy is planning skiing holidays speaking loudly on the phone.
In Monastiraki an adult has a randez-vous with some children to collect jingle money. It’s probably their turn to provide income. The metro screens show a xmas decoration ball instead of the usual «love greece» videos. Some children tell jingles, one of them has a mobile phone with jingles music playing for acompagniamento. 2 other children are dressed as santa, an early branding/marketing effort.
Some amnesty intl volunteers are discussing how the system and the fear of losing material goods resembles the old fear of getting killed or receiving corporal punishment. A guy is wispering lyrics, eyes closed, immersed in the music in his earphones.

So, yes. Even though I am going late (again!) to the office, it is xmas eve! Mary Merry Marry xmas!

Δεκέμβριος 23, 2008

Morning smells

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A good thing when it’s cold is that everyone’s bodily smells «take a rest» and you are free to enjoy whatever pleasant odour is around.
In the metro station this morning a smell of freshly roasted coffe blew me away, while the half-empty wagon had a descrete peppery/gingery smell. Right now I go from a fresh pie hidden in someone’s bag to someone else’s flowery washing liquid.
I always enjoy a good sniff 😉

No change. Period.

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In the company’s kitchen, lunchtime. Colleagues read about the belgian govnmt’s resignation due to the Fortis affair
«Ha! See? The belgians are no better than us. They have the same shit going on there. Everyone is corrupt!» A tone of joy in their voices.
Functionally iliterate or just stupid? Did they miss the part of «zhe resignation»? When was the last time they saw any member of the govmt (anyone!) resigning because there were suspicions of mismanagement?
But, f@ck me, what am I saying? Every year half of the country is burning, people are actually burnt alive and everyone is willing to attribute it to «the wind general» or a foreign/leftist/whatever conspiracy.
So, if the people of this country (and I mean young, «educated» people) CHOOSE not to get it, baptize sh!t as holy water and only care about next sunday’s game, then it is safe to say that the only change we’ll see will be in the extent of the next riots and the number of dead of the next natural/man-made disaster.
Other than that, no change. Period.

Δεκέμβριος 22, 2008

Customer satisfaction

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I recently bought a gadget from e-click.gr. The thing costed only 8e but I nevertheless wanted an invoice. They had no prob with me picking it up from their «physical» shop (5e postal expenses would an overkill, especially since it was on my way home).
The front-office assistant made an error and issued a retail receipt. When I specifically requested for an invoice, the manager overruled her objections and agreed.
So they may have lost 8e logistically, but they won a happy customer and a positive review.
Good publicity is only a «yes, we can» away 😉

Wet needles

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It feels so cold (at least for my greek skin) and it has light rain with a frozen north wind. It’s windy enough and the rain is so light that it is not worth using the umbrella. And yet it’s so chilly that rain drops feel like wet needles on the skin.
I love winter but not this weather. Not at all! Brrr…

Δεκέμβριος 20, 2008

WTF?! YAPP again?

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Ok, wtf is going on? This time there were 7(!) pick-pockets in the train door, a gang of 6 and one working alone. There were more pick-pockets than passengers on this end of the train.
They were so desparate for prey they were staring at my pockets, although they avoid younger people. Seems they were attracted by the glimpse of the iphone.
Where in the f@ck do all these f@ckers come from? Are they on a city tour or something?
Dear reader, word of advice: just avoid line 1 from Monastiraki to Attiki/Kato Patisia.

The doings of the night

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…the day sees and laughs, goes a popular saying.
I just read my last night’s posts. Apart from ridiculous, they are also amazing in the sense that I was able to actually make my eyes focus and my finger type on this smurf keyboard being utterly drunk.

Festive spirit

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I am going down-town on line 1 to meet some friends. Lot of people in the train, going for their xmas shopping.
2 guys behind me are kneeled to the floor, at the corner. They are sniffing coke.
Merry christmas.

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